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- Au bonheur des gens -

"Each and everyone carries their own happiness"

Witold Gombrowicz

We are all unique. As such, everyone has their own definition of happiness. There is no single way to live a happy life, and that is what makes "happiness" such an exciting and intriguing concept.


For some people, happiness is found in relationships, in the present moment, the discovery of the other, laughter, community, travel, education, family; of one another it is the link with Mother Earth, spirituality, poetry, the ocean, movement, acceptance, karma, wisdom, one's soul, chance, ancestors, or even kindness, meaning, ecology, meals, solitude, work, respect, gift, adventure, freedom, success, play, nature, joy…

I have been fortunate to live in several countries, I traveled around the world, I met people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This taught me one thing: when it comes to happiness, the rule is that there is none. This is how this idea of ​​collecting records from around the world was born.

So this is why I now look for happy people, less happy people, people who struggle with life, optimistic people, people in search of themselves, committed people, disoriented people, wandering people, people who've settled, simple people, real people, inspiring people, inspired people, different people, ordinary people , people on the other side of the world, people from next door, people who want to share their story with me ... “Au bonheur des gens”!

Like a Titouan Lamazou's travel book, like a volume of poetry in Charles Baudelaire's style, like a Leonardo Da Vinci sketch, like a Michelangelo ceiling, like an Auguste Rodin sculpture… let's draw together the contours of happiness across the world, across culture and people.

What is YOUR vision of happiness? Take me through your way of living happiness, I yearn for stories and exchanges ...


Take part in our journey on the paths of happiness by giving us a personal record on your vision of happiness.

These records will be gathered in a collection whose form is not yet determined. Leave me your email if you wish to be kept informed of the progress of the project. See you !

Thank you for your precious record!

Spread the word to your families, friends, colleagues around the world!

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